Public enquiry to he held in Stonehaven from 28 - 30 March

A consultation on the council's proposed scheme received 12 objections. Four of these were resolved, the other eight remain outstanding. The laudable aim of the work is to reduce future flood risk from River Carron on the town, extending from the Red Bridge on Low Wood Road downstream to the sea, but the efficacy of the current proposals is disputed. Further works are also proposed on the nearby Glasslaw Burn.

Scottish Ministers have refused to call in the scheme for a Public Inquiry. Instead the local authority must now hold a public hearing to consider the objections.  Following the outcome, an independent Scottish Government Reporter will give his findings and Aberdeenshire Council must then decide how to proceed.

The hearing will be presided by the Reporter at St James Church Hall in Stonehaven from 28 – 30 March.